Your time is soon

by Master Harker

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wonderdog An aural potpourri.
(This is a good thing!)
Clayton Giles
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Clayton Giles I can't decide whether I semi-hate this or kinda like it. Without a doubt. it's an in-your-face, uncompromisingly anti-genre, lo-fi record. I like the mellotron, horns and violins; I think the guitar could use tuning and the voice needs work, but, hey...Neil Young, Vic Chesnutt. Not to mention Yoko. It takes talent and audacity to put out an album like this. Okay, I kinda like it. Favorite track: With jaw ajar (we enter oblivion).
Sand Fairy
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Sand Fairy An eclectic collection of songs! Love 'em all! (: Favorite track: Light the unseen fuse.


9 months in the making, this album explores all that it means to be human: love, pretend love, friendship, bullying, alienation, paranoia about death, acceptance of mortality, and, well...death! Classical, acoustic guitars verses mellotrons, horns and electronic feedback! Joining me on track 7 is folk-violinist Florence Meek

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released September 27, 2013

Master Harker sings and plays all instruments, apart from violin on track 7 by Florence Meek. Nature sounds on track 5 recorded in South-west English countryside. Album recorded in Utility and Bathroom, Bristol, England. Produced and mixed by Master Harker

All tracks written by Master Harker

Photography and album art by Master Harker

All lyrics, music, art and photography Copyright (UKCS) 2013



all rights reserved


Master Harker Bristol, UK

Master Harker is a singer-songwriter/ experimental acoustic & classical guitarist from Bristol, England. Here is everything he's recorded & released. Master Harker keeps it real with lo-fi home recordings, a DIY punk ethos & blends genres including Folk, Sadcore & Slowcore, Punk, Jazz, Flamenco, Electronic, Bluegrass, Shoegaze,& Psychedelia. MH builds homemade guitars & instruments for his tunes ... more

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Track Name: Go it alone...
Think I'm going to do it alone.
Think I'm going to slow right down.
Think I'm going to do it alone.
Think I'm going to cool right down.

Before you make a sound,
don't want you around.
Shut your mouth, my ears are sore.
Don't want to hear it anymore.

Just leave me alone,
With your pretend love.
Don't want it anymore..
Fuck off!
Track Name: Meatfly
What do I see?
Is this a meatfly, who stands on his own?
Is this an omen, of things that may come?
Am I dying, or out of my bone?
Guess I'll start frying...

I wonder who is next in line?
Is it you? Is it me?
I wonder who is next in line?
What is he trying to tell me?

Is this a meatfly?
Is this an omen?
Track Name: Target selected (Featuring Florence Meek)
Looking in from the outside,
It's all locked behind the eyes.
Judgement is passed,
the sentence follows through.
Flowing a reckless course,
that will blind and smother you
I know me, not you
Track Name: Light the unseen fuse
Load your cannon,
light the unseen fuse.
It will fire, into the mire,
it will blast on through.

The world is waking,
still obscured by clouds.
I hear a breeze blowing,
I feel a change coming...

Hold me 'till dawn,
sun shining new.
All things done,
all things through.